A Magic Meteor and Eight Former Gods

~ astromythologic drama in verse by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~

Magic Meteor:
One day, the Earth's history
Was changed by a divine comet
That carried the Saviour.
The ancient gods were driven away.
I am an immortal meteor
Remained from that comet's tail,
And asking the former gods just:
"How are you?"

Planet Mercury:
I was the god of trade,
But today... I use to make simple affairs
With variations of temperature
And thermic molecular speeds.

Planet Venus:
I was the goddess of beauty
And now... I'm trying to keep my old charm
By making me up with fluffy clouds
And a variable brightness.

Planet Mars:
I was the god of the wars,
And now, for remaining frightful,
I use to oil myself with blood
Of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.

Planet Jupiter:
I was the master of the gods
And I've remained
The chief of the planets.
I always announce my new quality
Through radio waves.
But, remembering my lost glory,
And seeing my red wound
Provoked by this exile,
I have become very stormy!

Planet Saturn:
My old agricultural talent
Has strangely materialized into crops
Of bands, parallel to my equator.
But, as the former god of time,
I've kept my ring of wedding with Rhea.

Planet Uranus:
I was the god of the sky,
And now I am only a point
Of sad ponderous matter.
As a protest, I use to apply the strike
Of the retrograde rotation.

Planet Neptune:
I was the god of the seas,
Sentenced to keep up only
A mysterious green colour,
Hiding mermaids of
Methane, Hydrogen, Ammonia...

Planet Pluto:
I fully live my decadence
From the god of the shadows
To a suspended tear of ice...

Magic Meteor:
Poor gods with useless laments!
You have lost only
Your absolute power,
But, in exchange, you have won
An absolute fascination!
In fact, I envy you,
Space beautiful blind gods!

Copyright © 1997, Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Artwork by Calin Niculae

Artwork by Calin Niculae

~ English translation from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~

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