~ astropoetic drama and artwork by Dan Mitrut ~


Child Meteoroid (will become Child Meteor)
Father Meteoroid (will become Father Meteor)

The rovers without orbit are lost.
The comet is far away.
They just passed by the Moon.
Look, one of them
Broke the amazed silence.

Child Meteoroid:
What is this, father?
The promised gift?
What colors of dream!
I never believed to see them
At any time!

Father Meteoroid:
Little ignorant,
We shall deliver our happiness
In flight.
If you wish to be a gift...
Perhaps it's the destiny...

Child Meteoroid:
What is down there?
Anxiety is a bird without wings.
I shall have new friends
And we shall master the horizon.

Father Meteoroid:
Little simpleton,
They will see you as
A moment of burning,
A fall into the nucleus trap.
That's all.
It's sad, I know,
But you cannot more...

Child Meteoroid:
I want to know what life is,
Without passing through
The atmospheric torture.
Is it possible?

Father Meteoroid:
You have to find that
In this corner of the Universe
You learn all about life,
To die only once
And to revive
From elements.

Child Meteoroid:
But you will burn much more!
You'll extinguish proudly yourself
In your friends' crying,
Looking at the radiant.
I can only sparkle a little.
I wish to enjoy your light,

Father Meteoroid (looking at him with sympathy):
Climb my back!
I shall burn into the iron colours.
Then you, a last throb
Closer to the Earth --
Magnesium blue,
Let you carried
With the wind wings!

Child Meteoroid (eager):
Could I come down
To tell them?

Father Meteoroid (serious):
You cannot ask for more
Than it is destined.
What do you prefer?
To awaken on the morning,
Living in a flower sap?
Or to be closed in a museum,
Bought, paid,
Tormented by clips
And radiation jets?

Child Meteoroid:
Oh, this warmth!
My Carbon is perspiring.
My ice heart is flowing
Through my arteries.

Father Meteoroid:
Don't worry!
This will take only a moment.
Shorter than a look at the Moon.

Child Meteoroid:

Father Meteor:
Be brave! The comet is far away!
Don't look back!

Child Meteor:
Unhappy far-off stars,
What a difficult lesson is death!
At school, it was censured...
But now...

Father Meteor:
Be careful!
Forget what you have learned.
Fly beautifully!
We'll be immortalized
By Chronos' eye!

Child Meteor:
What a romance!
What cryings and living images!
I'd like to play...

His father's final sigh
Made him remind of...
A fall into the abyss
Was the last thing
He could wish
Before his melting.

Copyright © 1997, Dan Mitrut

Artwork by Dan Mitrut

~ English translation from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~

Translator's note: Composed in 1997, this drama was played and received an award at SARM's Cosmopoetry Festival, the 2nd edition, Targoviste, 1997.

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