Solar Spots

~ astropoetic drama by Tina Visarian and Elena Sorescu ~


When the Sun likes us,
Makes rainbows through rains
Towards beautiful Terra --
Eden selected by God.

~ Adrian Negoescu ~

Characters: Sun, Moon (Sun's sister), Galileo and Fabricius (two doctors named after they who discovered the solar spots), Venus (Sun's fiancée) and Man-Servant.

(Sun is sleeping. Suddenly ...)

Misfortune! Misfortune!
I want the mirror!

(Moon appears indifferent. She is making up.)

Sun (nervous):
The mirror! I want the mirror!

Moon (calm):
My dear, you don't need a mirror.
You are too beautiful.
And for what?

Sun: (grave):
I dreamt that, celebrating with you,
My dear beings,
My multimillionary existence,
A cruel misfortune hit me.
Yes! The horrible spots!

(Short repose.)

It's impossible! Me, Sun,
The Master of the solar system,
The proudest star,
Lionized by all,
I cannot live this shame.
The spots, however... The mirror!

Moon (looking at sun):
No! You don't need a mirror!
You are perfect!

Sun: (shouts):
The mirror!

Moon (to the spectators):
Misfortune! He shouldn't see his face!
His luminosity is in danger!

(Man-Servant appears merry, with a mirror in his hands.)

Your Hydrogenity,
Here is the mirror!

Moon (interfering, scared):
Hey, my brother!
I don't have Helium enough!

(Sun is confused, but looks at the mirror accidentally,
discovering his spots. Shocked, he falls on an
armchair, whistling. Moon jolts him.)

Moon (to Sun):
Wake up! Wake up!
(To Man-Servant) Call immediately famous Galileo,
My brother's doctor,
And tell him that I, Moon-Selene,
Consider the situation very grave.
Tell him to come here.
(To Sun) Brother, all will be O.K.! You'll see.
The doctor will come. Wake up!

(Galileo appears, dressed in pyjamas, and worried.)

What is happening?
Why did you awake me?
I was sleeping,
And a stormy message came to me
Through Comet Swift-Tuttle.
His Luminosity the Sun
Feels not so good,
And ... here I am!

Doctor, doctor,
My good friend and doctor Galileo,
Save me!
A misfortune has darkened my destiny!
Some spots are flooding me.
What can I do?

Be happy, it's something normal.
Their appearance derives from
Some phenomena connected to
The magnetic fields and
The differentially rotation
Of Your Brightness!
These spots are just a signal
Of Your glorious passing
To the state of maturity.

You cannot do me such a thing!
Me, beautiful Sun,
I cannot remain infirm!

I'm sorry, Master,
But I told You the pure truth.
Anyway, if these spots
Disappear soon,
Other spots will replace them,
And always this invincible cycle.
But don't worry. It's just Nature,
So something normal.

Sun (furious):
Something normal? Something normal?
I'll show you something normal!
Out! My palace will be closed for you
For ever!

But... Master!

Sun (shouts):
Out! Oh , it's impossible...

(Sun falls again on the armchair, desperate.)

Moon (to Galileo):
Will you really leave for this place?

Yes, your brother banished me
Like an enemy.

But... how...?

I told him that always
He will continue to have spots.
And it's true, Nature wants this.
But he doesn't believe me,
And I cannot support this insult. Good-bye.

(Galileo goes home. Moon tries to comfort her brother.)

Brother, I heard and I'm sorry.
But do not abandon hope.
We'll find a solution.

(She looks through a magazine of advertising. Suddenly...)

I know! I found it!
Doctor Fabricius' lotion for
Eliminating black signs!

Lotion against black signs?
What a foolishness!

Try only, however.

Sure, to throw my money to the wind.

Not necessarily.
Perhaps you'll be cured.
Did you think about it?

No, I don't know ...
Anyway, it's impossible
To be worse than I am.
Let's do it!

Excellent, brother. Now
I'll disappear for some moments. Bye!

Sun (to Man-Servant, who is drinking alcohol):
You! Get the Tempel-Tuttle taxi
Until Andromeda, and come back
With Doctor Fabricius,
Or what ever his name is ...
Tell him that
The Master of the solar system
Needs an urgent medical consultation.

Man-Servant (hiccuping):
Of course, Hydrogenity!


I get the Andro-Tuttle taxi
Until Tempelda, and come back
With Doctor What's His Name
Or Fabricius.
Is it correct?

No, rascal.
Go to Andromeda
On the Tempel-Tuttle Taxi
And come here with Doctor Fabricius.
Hurry up!
(To the spectators)
Andro-Tuttle and Tempelda.
What an idiot!

(Expectation. Suddenly...)

Hurrraaay! I'm here!
And this is Doctor Fabricius!

O.K.! Now leave us alone.
(To Fabricius) Welcome, doctor.

I heard about your illness.
I hope my lotion will help you,
But at first I must consult you.

(After a few moments of medical consultation.)

Yes... I don't know the real cause,
But your photodermis and cromodermis
Are affected.
Perhaps because of your
Magnetic phenomena of rotation,
The temperature of your photodermis is low,
So the spots have become visible.

Can you save me?

I think so.
But respect my solution, please.
Cosmic dust: 50%.
Meteoric substance: 5%.
Oil of asteroid: 30%.
Salt of comet: 5%.
And alcohol!

Alcohol? Don't forget, doctor,
My temperature is very high.

I know. But I calculated it is necessary.
It will normalize the temperature
Of your photodermis.

O.K.! How much will two phials cost me?

A few protuberances.

It seems to be expensive.

Not at all. It's really a charity.


(He pays Fabricius, and the doctor
smells the reward in delight.)

Good-bye, Master,
And my best wishes to Miss Selene.

(Moon appears again, very merry.)

I have a nice surprise for you.
Venus is here.


Venus is waiting for you
In the entrance hall.

Sun (desperate):
How could you make me this?
It's incredible!
You, crazy sister... do you want
To destroy the most beautiful
Space love story?

But... Venus knows about your spots!

Did you tell her?
Out of my palace!
And don't come back. Ever!

You'll regret this. You'll deeply feel
The next eclipse I'll make you!

(Moon leaves for the palace. Sun is agitated.)

Venus enters!

No! Stop her! I don't want to be seen!

Venus (glad):
Hi! My dear Sun!
Don't be ashamed!
I found about your spots,
But you are the same to me.
So I have good news for you.
I announced that soon we shall honor
The party of Pleiades Sisters.
Are you happy now?

Me, happy? No...

(And he faints.)

My dear Sun!

Copyright © 1999, Tina Visarian and Elena Sorescu

Sunspots photographed by Alexandru Conu

~ English translation from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~

Translator's note: This drama was composed in 1999 by two high school students, and performed by SARM in 2000 at the "Admiral Vasile Urseanu" Municipal Observatory in Bucharest. The photo representing solar spots was made by Alexandru Conu.

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