Suffering in the Universe Because of the Meteors

by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Characters: Patient and Doctor, in a hospital ward.

I was interned -- a grave case! -- in a hospital
Suspended in the Milky Way.
Now I'm waiting for the medical visit
Like a new personal Big Bang.

Doctor (appears singing):
The Universe is a floating orchard
And the constellations are the trees.
Oh, brilliant fruits,
Unassailable graces!

Patient (for himself):
The doctor is a very busy man:
He studies, operates upon sick men, loves
And commutes daily from Alpha Centauri.

Why are you so ill, agitated man?

Yesterday, at the dinner,
A fireball with a flying cream magnitude
Fell in my plate.
Inattentive or too greedy
(Because the incident was not normal)
I gulped the meteorite!

Doctor (singing):
Oh, meteors, meteors,
Insects of light
Buzzing in the nights
Without the full moon!

So ... today the asteroids appear like
Rich bonbons for me ...

Doctor (singing):
Oh, asteroids,
Secondary effects of Creation,
Dandelions orbiting differently
In the wind of gravitation!

... The planets like
Spherical fancy cakes ...

Doctor (singing):
Oh, planets, antenna-flowers
Consuming slowly
One reflected shining flow
And the other incidental!

... And the stars ...
Sublime remote spun yarns!

Doctor (singing):
Oh, double and variable stars,
What a fascinating competition!
Colored super-balloons
Of harmony and ardor!

Doctor, tell me sincerely,
Do you think it is graver
Than the touch of two galaxies?

I don't know. But
For the moment I'll surround you
With some quasar music ...

Patient (singing):
Oh, quasars, signals
Addressed to the spheres
By the unseen troubadours
Of the darkness!

... I'll inject you
A nebula serum ...

Patient (singing):
Oh, nebulae
Appearing serially,
Oases of steam forecasting
New births in matter!

... I'll sharpen a sunbeam
To open your abdomen ...

Patient (singing):
Oh, sun, star of
The coquettish provocations,
An irradiant apple
With small tender spots!

... I'll extract your meteorite
With a comet-forceps ...

Patient (singing):
Oh, comets, birds
With princely mantles
Rummaging the immobility
Of the painful void!

... And I'll dress you
With some cotton wool of supernova!

Patient (singing):
Oh, supernova!
What an enthusiasm!
A sacred geyser
In space!

But I forewarn you,
The medical operation is more difficult than
The extraction of Jupiter's red spot.
However, I hope
It will be a success!

Copyright © 1995, Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

~ English translation from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~

Author's Note: Composed in 1995 and published as a SARM supplement in 1996, Suffering in the Universe Because of the Meteors was performed in the Romanian by the author and Danut Ionescu on the "Contact Astronomic-Radio Contact" broadcast in July 1996. The recording was played at SARM's Cosmopoetry Festival in Targoviste in August, 1996, and performed in the English by the author and Gelu-Claudiu Radu at the International Meteor Organization Conference-Petnica (Yugoslavia) in September, 1997. This comedy is considered the first astropoetry drama played at a world astronomical event

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