The Meteor Victory

~ astropoetic tragedy by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~


Celestial Counsellor
Variable Stars Chorus,
       out of the tridimensional space.

I'm a dead person
Since a long time ago,
And, recently, the Celestial Council
(Oh, what an infinite generosity!)
Has decided I must be reincarnated.
It's a necessity after my boredom
With nuances of Paradise and Hell!

Variable Stars Chorus:
Poor devil,
You are a little more than nothing,
But nothing represents
Much more than you.

Celestial Counsellor:
Tell your option,
Needy mortal!

Of course, I don't prefer
Classical variants of animals,
Or birds, or plants...
I'd like something to compare
With my enthusiastic dreams,
Something cosmic.

Variable Stars Chorus:
Rascal, you'll never
Catch up with us, because
Your tiny solar system will remain
A cage for you.

Celestial Counsellor:
Choose quickly, because
Our sidereal time is limited!

Maybe a splendid protuberance,
A sweet jewel
In the solar crown!
Maybe a particle in a comet,
A scale of magic fish
Swimming in the void!
Or maybe even a planet,
An unleashed waltz
On an orbital stage!

Variable Stars Chorus:
Cheeky fellow! Not even the stars
Can make all they want!

Celestial Counsellor:
It's impossible, because
The sun, imperial nucleus,
The comets, valuable light missionaries,
And the planets, tenacious office workers,
Are spaces reserved for
Great astronomers
Or for rich men
With a high protection...

So what remains for me?

Celestial Counsellor:
... To be a stone in an asteroid.
Think of a beautiful place
On Ceres, Pallas, Juno,
Vesta or Astrea!
Or, maybe, do you prefer
To be insinuated
Into the mystery
Of the Trojan group?

Oh, I would not like to be a guardian
Between the terrestrial planets
And the giant planets.

Variable Stars Chorus:
This worm doesn't like anything.
He should be whipped
As well as the cold harshly whips
Transplutonian miniplanets!

Celestial Counsellor:
Otherwise, you could be
A rock in a satellite.
If Mercury and Venus
Don't have offers,
Phobos and Deimos of Mars
Are too small,
And Pluto's moon
Is too remote,
Try in the court of the big planets,
You'll find an inflation of satellites.
Nothing will disturb your dreaminess,
And the vast and various views
Will accompany your walkness.
So, choose among
The 4 Galileans, glow worms
Near colossal Jupiter,
and Titan or Rhea, earrings
Of chubby Saturn,
Ariel or Umbriel, balls
Near rolled Uranus,
Triton and Nereid, flakes
Near cold Neptune...

Variable Stars Chorus:
Choose! And thank your destiny,
More generous
Than a sunrise!

O.K., but the immobile waiting
Cannot be life!
I don't accept such a situation!

Variable Star Chorus:
You cannot escape
From the reincarnation series!
Life is eternal torture
And only death is liberation!

I want emotion and passion,
And my future death to be
A luminous burning!
Reincarnate me into a ferrous meteoroid
And give me a harmonious
Crystal structure!
Reincarnate me into a meteoroid
Of the proud Perseid shower,
And give me the chance to become,
On a terrestrial night of farewell,
A lofty and fascinating fireball!

Copyright © 1995, Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Artwork by Tina Visarian

Artwork by Tina Visarian

~ English translation from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~

Author's Note: This drama was composed in 1995 and played at the 1st edition of SARM's Cosmopoetry Festival in Targoviste, 1996.

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